Is your business giving you everything you want?

Do you see others living their dream, their business thriving, and wonder how they got there?

There are 4 simple steps to create your ideal business and life......

  1. Dream - use your dreams to create a clear vision
  2. Explore - identify all the factors that will influence your journey, because knowledge is power
  3. Design - define the best way to get there, creating focus to accelerate your progress
  4. Act - take inspired, decisive, proactive action

We have the tools to help you put each step into place for your future business and life success.

These are the same methodologies used by big business, redesigned for SME's to implement.

and the added bonus...

...building a high performing business is also creating a future asset for you.

You invest time and resources into your business and, as with any investment you make, should expect a capital return.

We'll show you how to build a high performing business that provides you with your dream life and sets your business up as a valuable asset for future sale.

If not now, when?

Those successful business owners you've seen, did not wait, did not make excuses. They took action!

Every time you put off implementing strategic action in your business, your competitors move ahead.

What our client's say....

M.L. - Professional Services

'One month in to this process and I'm so excited about how much we’ve already achieved! I’m really clear on what has to be done in the business, which makes taking action so much easier and each action is bringing us results already!

To top it off, a great opportunity has come our way. If it had come along a month ago, I would have been really unclear as to which way to go. But now I see exactly where it fits in our strategy and how we’re going to manage such a substantial leap in growth.

The strategic action planning process has made decision making so much easier, I wish I’d done it sooner!'

M.M. - Tech Start-up

'Working with Influence from the very beginning has meant that I've made little to no mistakes in building my business from concept stage to launch. This is so valuable to all businesses particularly ones that are just starting out. Without Michele's guidance and expert advise I'm sure this wouldn't have been the case for me.'

C.A. - Financial Services

'I joined Influence’s Micro-Business Action Planning program as I felt a bit stuck in what I actually wanted for and from my business, and therefore not knowing which direction to go. 


There have been many changes in my industry and what I gained from the experience was a realisation about the reality of where my business actually is and where I need to get it to, if I want to have a profitable business and the lifestyle I want.'