Build Capacity

Community organisations, be they business or industry based, sporting, recreational or cultural, are essential to the fabric of our society, enriching our world and building strong, safe, healthy and vital communities.

These organisations are often reliant on the good will of community minded individuals who give of their time, energy and effort to build and sustain associations that bring opportunity, skills, engagement, connection and inclusion to their members.

Like all entities, community organisations can cycle through various life stages: establishing, growing, flourishing and waning, which can be affected and influenced by both internal and external forces.

We work with community organisations to ensure they’re relative in their sector and are viable, vital, robust and sustainable entities.  

Program Options

  • Driving Inspiration, Enthusiasm and Engagement at Start-up
  • Governance - Understanding and Practice
  • Purpose Definition
  • Planning and Implementing Strategic Action
  • Membership Growth
  • Effective Marketing and Communication
  • Follow up Support 

We can help you to grow and strengthen your organisation.