For business owners who want to be conscious and aware, while building a sustainable business.

In a time of change and challenge, dare to step up

to create a business where success is defined by conscious choices and profitable, positive-impact actions. 

So how do you make that happen

when there often seems to be conflict between creating a positive wider impact and commercial reality?

Explore a way of thinking, being and acting

that powerfully aligns these conflicting forces:

  • Discover how to act consciously without compromising your business’, or your own, needs
  • Learn how to make choices and decisions utilising the Principles of Cause and Effect
  • Understand the process to apply conscious action in your business 

Find new perspective, greater awareness & how to start to create meaningful change in your business.

to make conscious, rewarding choices in your business, in 2020 and beyond. 

Join Business Strategist Michele Carson, from Influence and Jason Snaddon, the Abundance Activator

in collaboration with Neil Lague Smith from Ricoh.


Abundance Activator Jason Snaddon


Business Strategist Michele Carson

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